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E.A.T. incorporates

three functionalities

The "Graduation Cap" in our logo is reflective of our education component, the "Shield" in our logo is our restaurant/ catering element and last one reflects our community involvement with the youth.

E.A.T.  w/ Culinary Professionals Inc.

Student Chefs In

Our students at E.A.T. are introduced to agri-eco friendly ways of cultivation, preparation and consumption of nutritional foods...thus E.A.T.'s very innovative approach to "Environmental Agricultural Training."

After observing their communities and was bothered by what they saw; and it was through these observations Peterson and Laster merged a joint venture to crave and create "EAT", and formulate a comprehensive program which focuses on mentoring and hands-on teaching approach to youths and adults the proper way to cultivate, grow and prepare balanced meals to promote lifelong overall health and wellness.

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